Professional Development

As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world … as in being able to remake ourselves.

–Mahatma Gandhi

AAEEBL Conference at SLCC (April 20-21, 2013)

I participated in the AAEEBL ePortfolio conference held in Salt Lake City, Utah from April 20-21, 2013. This conference was an opportunity for participants from across the western United States to discuss and improve their use of Electronic Portfolios in college and university classrooms.

I was also able to give a presentation at the conference called “Re-imagining ePortfolios Assignments” where I explained improvements I have made to my use of ePortfolios in my classes and challenged the audience to do the same. For more details, click here.

Professional Development Day at SLCC (March 1, 2013)

This event was a chance for professors at Salt Lake Community College to work on developing skills that would help them to be better professors. I attended two 75 long training sessions, listed below.

  • SLCC Libraries: Building Pathways to Success
  • The Flipped Classroom

For a complete description of all sessions, click here

EPortfolio Cohort (August 2012-December 2012)

One of the most exciting things that I’ve done since becoming a professor is to receive training to use EPortfolios in a class room setting. For the uninitiated, EPortfolios are an innovative way for students to show off class room work on a blog or website. As part of the classroom curriculum, students will post one or more “signature assignments” from the class to a personal blog to demonstrate competency in the subject matter. The idea is to have students use these blogs later in their personal and professional lives.

I participated in six training sessions on all aspects of EPortfolios during the Fall 2012 Semester at Salt Lake Community College. These training sessions gave group members the chance to develop, discuss, revise, and share both their approach to using EPortfolios in the classroom and their personal EPortfolios (e.g. this blog).

Conference Presentations on HIFU Research

I have presented at several meetings during my academic career, including everything from formal presentations at large scientific conferences to informal presentations at research group meetings. Some of my more notable conference presentations are listed below.

  • “HIFU Treatment Time Reduction through Optimization of the Focal Zone Path, Size,
    and Shape by using Matlab Optimization Routines”, UCAIR Symposium, Salt Lake City, Utah 2010.
  • Program
  • Presentation
  • “HIFU Dose Delivery Time Reduction Through Focal Zone Size, Scanning Path and Transducer Power Optimization”, UCAIR Symposium, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2009.
  • Program
  • “HIFU Dose Delivery Time Reduction: Focal Zone Size and Path Optimization”, Society for Thermal Medicine Annual Meeting, Tucson, Arizona, 2009
  • For presentation, see this page
  • “Path and Focal Zone Size Optimization for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound”, UCAIR Symposium, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2008.
  • I was also a discussion panel moderator at this conference

Research Group Presentations  (July 2007 – March 2011)

In addition to presentations at formal conferences, I presented informally to collaborators in my research group on several occasions. I was a member of this group for over four years while I was in graduate school. The composition of the group would fluctuate over time, but the main core of the research group consisted of three tenured professors, a few postdoctoral students, several graduate students, and a few undergraduate students.

On average, I would present to my group about every three months. These presentations would typically consist of a dozen or so PowerPoint slides that were similar to the ones from my UCAIR symposium presentations.


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