The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

-Mahatma Gandhi

Throughout my academic career, I have looked for ways to serve my community. I find that this work not only benefits the community as a whole, but that it is personally rewarding as well. Below are some of the notable service activities in which I have participated.

Science Fair Judge

I was a judge 2013 Salt Lake Valley Science and Engineering Fair (SLVSEF), held annually on campus at the University of Utah. This was a great opportunity to help aspiring young scientists distinguish themselves in the field, in addition to being an excellent opportunity to give back to the larger community.

Math 2250

For Spring Semester 2013 at Salt Lake Community College, I accepted an assignment to teach Math 2250 to help out the Math department. Initially, I was schedule to teach a Calculus class that semester. However, due to some difficulties the previous professor of the class was having with the class materials, I adjusted my schedule so that I was able to take over as the professor for the class.

Pre-Med Club

During the Fall 2012 semester, I was able to give a presentation to the Pre-Med club at Salt Lake Community College. The reason I was invited to talk was because of interest from several students about my previous research as a graduate student that investigated using ultrasound to treat cancer (as detailed under my Research tab).

The focus of my talk was to point out that the medical field is very broad and that students can pursue several career paths in this field beyond traditional ones like doctor and nurse. A copy of my PowerPoint presentation can be downloaded below.

Non-Traditional Career in Biomedicine

EPortfolio Development

I have also worked extensively to develop and modify the EPortfolio program to better serve my students. One of the innovations I made for my Calculus I class was to rework the assignment so that they could present their completed projects in a better way. My change was to require the students to present their data as a report similar to one that they would create in a business or academic setting.

The student feedback about the project was very positive. I have linked to just one example of a very good report that was generated by the project here.

Student Mentor

I have been a student mentor on several occasions. This service has included everything from advising students on career paths and possible scholarship opportunities to writing students letters of recommendations. Recently, I also assisted a former student from my Calculus class by answering questions about teaching for a class she was taking.


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